A Pictures is worth a Thousand Words

Students have been learning about the different types of descriptors that author’s use in their writing.

Using the picture, I want you to write a paragraph using descriptors to “paint a picture” for your audience.

It could be the start of a story.

It could be a moment in the story.

It could be the beginning of an epic battle or moment in the story.

It could be the finale of your story.

Be creative, be imaginative, be descriptive.

“A Picture is worth a Thousand words.”

Students have been learning about the different types of descriptors that author’s use in their writing.

Using the picture, I want you to write a paragraph using descriptors to “paint a picture” for your audience.

It could be the start of a story.

It could be a moment in the story.

It could be the beginning of an epic battle or moment in the story.

It could be the finale of your story.

Be creative, be imaginative, be descriptive.

Crazy Hair Day

I walked into my class thinking it was a dream. There were many creative, imaginative and innovative hair styles getting around. Great job everyone, and it was for a great cause too.





Circus Skills

Phil once again popped his head into Huntly PS on Wednesday and he continued to show us how to perform circus tricks. The Grade 5/6’s have been practicing most days and are showing great progress with their skills. They are even teaching their buddies. Also, Mr Templeton was able to show off his classy skills and offer the students some advice.








Weeroona Transition

On Tuesday the Grade 6’s had an adventure down the highway and into Weeroona College Bendigo. They were greeted by past Huntly Primary Students as they walked us to our meeting spot. Mr Freeman came along and gave us a detailed tour of the school and we were even able to sit in one of the classroom and do some work.






Natural Disasters

After a busy start to Term 2 with camp prep and NAPLAN we have finally started our Natural Disasters Project. Already they have brainstormed with some Natural Disasters on Earth.




Book Fair

Reminders: Don’t forget that Book Fair is on this week. Go shopping before and after school. Today students had a look around and wrote down a wish list.

Cross Country is on Friday. Please refer to the newsletter for more information,


Week 3

After 3 Days exploring Melbourne, it was great to see everyone back at school.

We didn’t waste any time either. Students continued to read there novels in the morning. For writing we discussed which was more important, ‘Family or Friends.’ This was part of their persuasive writing. This week in Maths we are learning about time and in sport we played Baseball Soccer.




Urban Camp

It has finally arrived. Melbourne Camp. The campers have got off to a smooth start this morning, we’re on the bus and excited for our first stop at the Melbourne Museum.


Start of Term 2

It was a busy week back for our students. We were busy solving multiplication equations, writing persuasive pieces and playing hand slam for sport. We also had a visit from Stephen G. He taught us some exciting ways to write stories.







Maths Projects

This week the students have been working hard on their Probability Maths Games. Students have been brainstorming, designing, creating, tinkering and improving their games. Here they are busy at work. Stay tuned for the finished products.










Stars, Stars and more Stars.

As most people already know, as a class the students and I have come up with a fantastic system that rewards students for all their hard work that they do at school and even school related work at home. Students can receive stars for many reasons. A student can be awarded a star to displaying our school values, completing work, recording their home reading in their diaries, having a go, being a good friend, using their manners, contributing to discussions and plenty more.

So far students have been receiving many stars and have been donating their stars to the class tally to receive great rewards.




Students have been experiencing the benefits of meditation through the program Smiling Mind. It allows the students to relax and check in with their body and mind and take a break from their everyday, busy life schedule.

Smiling Mind is a free app that anyone can download at the App Store.




Buddies Update

Buddies has continued to roll on each week. The Grade 5/6 students have been helping their buddy achieve their potential. They have been teaching their buddy how to write their name, they read their books to them and once all the hard work is done, they get to complete an arts and crafts activity.











Each week students are learning to spell new words that they choose. They have to complete a range of activities that which helps them to learn their words. We encourage students to use these words everyday, whether it be writing it, reading it or saying it.



Integers in Mathematics

Today students learnt all things integers. Students practiced placing integers on a number line (as shown in the picture) and they also were able to calculate simple equations using the number line to assist them.



Odd Socks

Today we were all treated to a range of circus tricks. Phil the clown was very entertaining and provided us with plenty of belly laughs.

After the performance, we were then allowed to practice many circus tricks, including; juggling, plate spinning and stilt walking.

Not bad for our first attempt.

Students will continue to practice these skills ahead of the whole school performance later on this year.

















Literacy Block

Every morning between 9-11, the students are engaged in their Literacy block. Whether it is sharing/reading books, writing stories or learning new words, the students are working towards developing their skills.



School Athletics

The School Athletics are FAST APPROACHING. This week we have blew off the dust of the equipment started to warm up our arms and legs. It also gave us a chance to use the new hurdles. Don’t forget to look through our calendar on the home page for the date plus all the other dates for this term.









Reading in Class

Reading in class has been a regular session for us this term and will be for whole year. It’s important to continue the great work at home each night for at least 20 minutes just like these young readers.



Badge Ceremony

On Friday morning, our students received their badges for their respected Houses and also Junior School Councillor.

Congratulations to everyone and I’m confident that our school is in safe hands knowing that you all are leading the way.




Mr Mac’s Petting Zoo

This morning we were very lucky to be visited by 10 very cute puppies and 1 protective mother. The students loved having them in the class. Lucky for us, there were no accidents just a whole lot of laughs.

Thank you very much to Brock and his family for sharing their puppies with us.









We’ve continued to get creative with our Shape’s Unit in Maths. We built 3D shapes by drawing their nets and then we cut them into the correct 3D shape. We also used straws to build 3D shapes.

Today using Unifix, we drew objects from different angles, including: aerial view, back view, front view and side views.

These kids are very talented.













Team Building!!

This weeks sports focus is based around team building. Students have been working together to be successful as a team. So far, students have learnt many skills.

Keep Up the great work!





Monday started with a bang at Gymnastics. 2 weeks in and the development the students have made is incredible. We can’t wait until next Monday.




Thank you to all the families who have returned their ‘Expression of Interest’ notes back to school, we greatly appreciate your help in the organisation of our camp.

Just a reminder that the notes are due back tomorrow (Friday 24th Feb).

Once final numbers are known, further information including; times, itinerary, payment plans will shortly follow.

Melbourne skyline


Gymnastics – Day 1

It’s always a highlight each year Gymnastics and this year we are trying a NEW GYM. Jets Gym have been sore and the students thoroughly enjoyed their first day. Gym will be every Monday for the next 3 weeks (except the public holiday).








Last Thursday, Grade 5/6 walk down to their Buddy class. Students prepared fun activities for their buddy associated around our school values.

For some, their focus was around team work which they showed by building castles in the sand pit.




The Classroom

Learning has already been very productive. Students have been working on their House Captain Speeches and Young Leaders Day Application.

Good luck to all students wishing to lead their house in 2017 and to the student hoping to be successful and attend Young Leaders Day.





Welcome to 5/6 McErvale


Welcome to our students, parents, guardians, teachers, friends, families and the whole wide school community.

Just like previous years, 2017 promises to be yet another action-packed year with many events, opportunities and new experiences.

We look forward to sharing all of our experiences with you throughout the year so please feel free to browse and comment. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you,

5/6 McErvale

Sunrise Stars

What a morning it was for these lucky students. They went on national TV as part of the Sunrise weather cross over.

Well done to all the students who woke so early in the morning to be part of the production team.

I’m sure there will be a few tired students tonight.



Bike Ed Champions

Wow… What a day!

Congratulations to all the Huntly Champions. Both teams did a terrific job coming first and second.


On the 23rd of November some students went to the Tom thumb sports centre in Bendigo for the bike ed challenge. We participated in 12 different events like paper boy, mine field, slow ride, right hand turn, coin drop, relay race, Salome and more. there was three schools Wight hills, Eaglehawk and Huntly, I was in Huntly 1 we started off with the right hand turn and finished with the mine field. the activity that was the best was the relay race because we got to ride as fast as we could to help our team get the quickest time we could. Huntly 2 came second and Huntly 1 came first we also had a raffle which we all got our names in for free.
The day was really fun and I would recommend it for future students.

Oliver D


Yesterday, some lucky grade 5/6’s participated in the 2016 bike-ed challenge. The day was set out as a rotation of 12 activities. Including, paper boy, ride the line, the slow ride, figure of 8, a relay race, mine field, right hand turn, full stop, long roll, coin drop, chicane and the salom.

The first activity my team took part in was the right hand turn which was a lot of fun. We then did a few more events, after that we had a short break and are lunch, and then continued to participate in the events. There was a few really fun activities like the full stop and figure of 8 other we’re super hard.

My personal favourite part of the day was when we did a relay race around the bike track, because it was a lot of fun. We then had a presentation which announced the winners but before that we had a raffle which most of our students got pulled out including myself which was good!

The day finished off with a bang when our team won the whole challenge and received a trophy to take back to our school. We would like to thank the kind people at Vic roads, for making it all happen and mr Mac and Mrs. Johnson for helping out throughout the day, and organising for us to be a part of the day.



Yesterday a group of Grade 5/6’s attended the bike ed challenge, we were all very enthusiastic too get started. To start off everybody had a little ride around the track to where we were going to sit. After a little bit of intro we got started on the day. My team started on the right hand turn and most of us were very successful.

After a few more we did it he relay a lot of people were very puffed by the end of it like myself. we did a few more activities just before we had a little lunch break. After our lunch break we started at the paper boy it was so good to see so many smiling faces at the paperboy because we had a bit of fun. We then did two more activities long roll and paper toss. We then again had some lunch and most people wandered around to have aloof at some amazing prizes you could win.

We are nearly finished a few more activities and we were done, we then did slow race, Chicane, Salom and mine fields! My favourite activity was definetly mine fields. CELEBRATION! We then did a celebration
Lap which was really cool. Now to the serious part the trophy! And some amazing prizes were handed out! 3rd place EagleHawk, 2nd place Huntly 2 and first place HUNTLY 1! Celebrations were shared all around! CHAMPIONS! I would like to thank Mr McErvale for making this possible.

By Kyle.


On Wensday the 23rd of November some of our class got the privilege to go to the bike ed challenge at the Tom floods centre. At the bike ed challenge there was about 12 different activity a that we had to do including the minefields, the figer of eight, slow race, coin drop, The sailom, the paper boy and a lot more. After that we put all our stuff down and found a spot under the shelter Mr Mac put us into two different groups and I was in the first group “Huntly 1” . Through out the day we did four activities and had a brake then we did another four had a brake and did the last four in the end. While the co-ordinators added up the scores we had to ride 1-2 laps. In the end they did a raffle and people one some gifts. After the raffle they gave out the final scores.White hills came last, Eagle hawk north came third, Huntly 2 came second and Huntly 1 came first by 2 points. After we got the trifle and the presentation ended Mr Mac got a photo of the teams and then we did a really fun Mannuquin challenge.








Week in Review

What a wonderful week to be at Huntly Primary School.

Camp was great fun! Looking around and seeing all the students smiling was terrific.

Below is a quick video of our time.

Tune in next week to see students reflections.



This week’s challenge.



Have a safe and fun weekend.

Day 2 – Sovereign Hill

Today the students went back in time and learnt what it was like to be in a classroom in the 1850’s.

After school the students went underground on a tour – The Secret Chamber.

Tonight we’ll be watching the ‘Blood on the Southern Cross.’












T20 Blast.

On Tuesday, I group of enthusiastic cricketers went to test their skills against the best at the Bendigo tournament.

Students were very impressive displaying a lot of skill and sportsmanship throughout the day.


On the 26th of October, the grade 5/6’s travelled by bus to Beisher park to play cricket. The day was set out so each team played four games, our first game was against Spring Gully, which we won. The second game was played against Violet Street which which we unfortunately lost. Then we played kangaroo flat primary schools and won very confidently. Those were our three games, we then had a dance off. After the dance off we had local Darby against Huntly number two and the year 6 team won just by a couple of points. T20 was very fun and we enjoyed the time we had there. We would like to thank Mr Mac for coaching and organising for us.

By Asha and Ryan.


On Tuesday, 3 Grade 5/6 Cricket teams travelled to Beisha Park to take part in the T20 Blast Cricket tournament. The girls team won 2 games and lost 1, then we played in the finals and lost by 6 runs. It was a really enjoyable day because we go to see some friends from other schools. Once all the games had finished we had a big dance off to the Macarena, Chicken Dance and YMCA. Then we did freestyle dancing.

Thank you to Melinda for coaching us girls and Mr Mac for organising it.

By Siale and Sharna.



img_1625 img_1656 img_1654 img_1651 img_1649 img_1648


Week 3 in REVIEW

What a week it has been.

Thanks to everyone for their contribution in the Blogging Community Challenge. It was fantastic to see so many families comment and view all the great work that the students have been doing in class. Don’t forget to look at your child’s individual blogs also.

In Chinese, Lily (Chinese Teacher) visited our class and presented a PowerPoint presentation about China’s schools, attractions and plenty of other interesting facts.

img_1562 img_1566

In Mathematics, we’ve been learning everything involving fractions and this week marked the end of the fractions unit.

Students have also been refining their times tables each day by competing in the Mathematics Challenge. This week, Friday Frenzy was won by Asha with a score of 99/99 in 2.23 minutes (a new record).

img_1526 img_1535

In writing, students have been writing their Persona Writing pieces in preparation for our camp. Students needed to write a letter to Sovereign Hill including information about themselves and how their families arrived in the Goldfields. As part of the process, students have been practising their editing skills individually and in small groups.

img_1555 img_1552 img_1521 img_1517

We finished with a bang with an excursion to Weeroona College for their Big Day Out (Transition program).

This week’s challenge. Can you guess who is behind the smiling face?


Week 2

And just like that, another week has come and gone. Wow, it is going quick.

This week, students have continued completing activities as part of their Gold Rush projects.

Here are just some facts that students learnt this week:

Gold was first found in Ophir, NSW in 1851 by a man named Edward Hargraves.

Diggers is another name miners called themselves.

Peter Lalor was a significant figure in the rebellion which took place on the 3rd December 1854.

I’m so impressed with the quality of Lit Circle meetings which have taken place this week. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to the rich discussions amongst the group. The novels currently involved in Lit Circles are; The Railway Children, Wolves of the Beyond, Pennies for Hitler, Red Dirt Diaries and Ned Kelly.

Week 3 promises to another great week. The Big Day Out at Weeroona will be on Friday. Also, there will be Cricket sign up and try-outs for the upcoming T20 Blast Tournament.

Challenge: Can you name the person behind the smiling face?



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But what should you comment about?

Scroll through this classes previous posts, then come back to this post and comment what you liked seeing or reading. It’s that simple!

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Welcome back!

img_1468img_1452Welcome back everybody,

Term 4 promises to be a terrific (and busy) one with plenty of learning, activities and events on. I can’t wait!

This week we have got straight into it. This term, our Unit is Gold Rush. Students have already started activities and are getting ‘gold fever.’ A couple of things they have already learnt are; when gold was first discovered in Australia, Why mines sometimes close even though there is still gold down there and different ways to find gold. Just to name a few. So parents, be prepared to be blown away by the projects they create. img_1465

In Mathematics, students have been working on their fractions skills. They have been learning how to add and subtract fractions. Next week, we will be looking at how to multiply and divide fractions. Congratulations to Ryan for breaking the Friday Frenzy Maths Challenge. Answering all 99 questions correct in 3.01 minutes. I wonder if he’ll break 3 minutes next week? Will somebody else maybe beat him to it. img_1466

Students have also been creating a storyboard for a movie they are going to publish. The storyboard is the planning phrase. We  hope to start filming next week. (It things go to plan, we hope to show the finished movie at assembly, in week 6. More information will come out closer to the date).

Here are a couple of important dates to remember:

BIG DAY OUT at Weeroona College    21st Oct

T20 Cricket Tournament (Selected students)     25th Oct

5/6 CAMP to Sovereign Hill      7th, 8th and 9th November

Transition Day at your 2017 High School      6th Dec    (this will be different for Catholic and Private schools)img_1467

Graduation        15th Dec

The Swimming Program will run for 2 weeks beginning the 21st Nov to the 2nd Dec (refer to newsletter)

Bike Ed Program will run for 2-3 weeks beginning 31st Oct to the 18th Nov (refer to newsletter closer to the date).


I hope we all that a great last term. I look forward to sharing it with you. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hello I’m happy to have a chat.


Mr Mac


Woodwork Incursion

Woodwork Incursion.
On Thursday and Friday the whole school did an incursion, class by class. The prep’s, one’s, two’s, three’s, four’s and five’s made boats and the grade sixes (US) made wind-mills. It was a great 1 ½ hours because we got to learn a lot more about being safe with tools, wood, hammers and nails. It was also good to have an incursion because we haven’t had one in ages.
Thank you to Martin from Learning and Doing for teaching and inspiring us. Thank you to Mr Mac for taking us and thanks Mrs Dunlop who organised this all. It was great fun and we would love to do it again.
Siale P

On Friday the 8th of September our school had wood works. If you don’t know what wood work is it is when someone comes in and teaches you how to make things and how to be safe with sharp tools. We had a teacher called Martin. He came in and showed us how to make mini wind mills. First he gave us a quick introduction and then he showed us step by step how to put the mini wind mill together. In the end I have to say Thank you Martin for coming and teaching us safety, Thank you Mr McErvale for taking us and thank you to Mrs Dunlop who organized us to learn about safety and have a little bit of fun.
Chelah C

img_1382 img_1379 img_1375 img_1367 img_1364 img_1363

WALK TO SCHOOL ~ This October

This October, Huntly Primary School are participating in Walk-tober.

We encourage all students, parents and families to take part in this event. It’s EASY!

Each day all we ask is that you walk, ride or even scoot to and from school.

Live to for away? Drive into Huntly and get dropped off down the road and have an adult walk with you to school.

Do you catch the bus? Tim’s bus drops students off at 8:40am every morning. Once you have arrived at school, walk a couple of laps of the oval. It’s that easy. There are no excuses.

Each morning your child’s teacher will record their walking.

Wait I almost forgot. There are plenty of prizes to be won.

Need more information: Walk to School – Vic Health

fullsizerender fullsizerender1

Weeroona ~ Aladdin Production

img_1400 img_1407 img_1403 img_1391

Weroona Production

On Tuesday the 13th the Grade 6 class travelled by bus to Weroona, to see their matinee performance of ‘Aladdin.’ The day ran all smoothly, it was a great day to catch up with our other friends from Epsom and see some of the ex-students from our school. The show really well rehearsed and they were all great actors. Even in the crowd it felt like we were stars in the show getting to express our feelings about the characters. I really like going to all transitions at Weroona because it makes me feel more steady towards entering High school. I really enjoyed the show because there were many feelings we could put towards it. Thank-you to Mr Mac, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Freeman for a great, fun day and to all the students who entertained us for 2 hours.

From Siale.

Weroona Production:

On Tuesday the 13th of September the grade 6’s travelled by bus to Weeroona College to watch the matinee performance of their production of ‘Aladdin.’ It was great! Because they allowed us to cheer and help express the feelings of each character which was very enjoyable. The day was made even better when we were able to reunite with our other friends’ form Epsom P.S and when we saw some of the ex- Huntly students get involved with the production. Overall I had a great experience, I felt the show was well rehearsed which allowed the cast to put on a fantastic show suited for all audiences. I would like to thank Mr Freeman for driving the bus around and organising the day and Mr Mac for making it all happen.

By Asha C

eSmart Digital License

Throughout the last two terms. The Grade 6 students have been working hard on sharpening up on their digital knowledge. They have completed many modules (8 in total) and have now received their digital license. Well done to all these students who have successfully completed their Digital License.

img_1410 img_1411 img_1412 img_1413 img_1414 img_1415 img_1416 img_1417 img_1418 img_1419 img_1420img_1428img_1427img_1426img_1487img_1488img_1489img_1490img_1491img_1492img_1493img_1438


AFL 9’s Tournament


On Thursday a group of students attended the AFL 9’s tournament, when we got there we were all very enthusiastic to get going! We were introduced to the day then went off back to our areas where we setup, After that the pool B team (which I was in) went straight to the field they were playing on. This game was by far one of our prime games we were all playing a role and doing a job, the forwards did kick a numerous amount of goals and ended up winning by quite a bit. We then went back to our area and watched the other teams play there first games, they both played extremely well witnessing a win.

Secondly, We played our second game we did basically play with the same lineup but did make a few changes here and there because some people wanted to try out different positions. In that game the passing and teamwork was invunlnerble everybody shared the ball and the goals were shared smoothly. We did manage to have another win.

By nearly the end of the day Huntly were very proud of themselves getting 2/3 of teams into the grand finals. pool B played Golden square pool A and only kicked one goal. I’m not quite sure who pool C played.

I would like to thank Mr Mac for making this happen for our school and also Mr O’toole and Mrs. Johnson for coaching the teams and good job to everybody who went hope you all had a fantastic day!

From, Kyle

WCB ~ Football and Netball

On Wednesday the 7th of September the Grade 6’s travelled by bus to Weeroona College Bendigo for a Football and Netball day. The other 2 schools attending were Epsom Primary School and White Hills Primary School. I played in the Netball team and over the 2 games we played we bet the Epsom team and 8 – 3, but lost to White Hills, also 8 – 3.

Many of us new each other from sporting teams so it was a lot of fun to hang out with your friends from your own school and also your friends from other schools. The day was planned as a transition day but for most of us it was just a fun day out playing sports with your friends. It was a great day out for the Grade 6’s of all three schools.

By Laura.B


On Wednesday the Grade 6’s and some Grade 5’s got to go to our local High school ( Weeroona College). Some of the girls played football and the other girls played netball. I played in the footy team with 3 other girls. At first I didn’t want to go but I’m thankful that I did because it was a really good day. We played against Epsom first and won, then we played against White Hills and lost unfortunately. I tackled 3 boys to the ground and kicked a goal. Thanks Mr Mac for taking us to Weeroona for this day.


Basketball ~ 2016

img_1196 img_1198 img_1202 img_1207 img_1226 img_1228 img_1231 img_1247 img_1268 img_1285 img_1286 img_1288 img_1294


img_1300 img_1302


This term some lucky people went to the basketball tournament. The boys/mixed team had 4 games but sadly didn’t win any of them. The first game we played a very tough team. We had the skills to pay the bills and lost 48 – 0. On our 3rd game we played Eaglehawk who had a pretty even team that we could beat but unfortunately we lost but got some unbelievably awesome goals created by the team. Our last game was the won we needed, we tried our best to not lose but we conceded a few goals and lost at the last moment, after the game we shook hands with our opponents and said good game. We like to thanks Mr Mac organising the day for us and Mr Lahane for teaching us some cool moves.

From Ryan.S


Girls Basketball:
On Friday the 2nd of September, a girls and mixed team travelled to the Bendigo Stadium to play Basketball. We arrived and the mixed team played their first game, then we played our first game. We were having a little bit of trouble as none of us play basketball, but we tried our Hardest and had fun. By our second game we knew a little more on how to play and the rules. We lost our first three games. Next we played Girton and they were a little ruff, they won but we put up a good fight. Our team was improving so much over the whole day, and we scored a few goals. Our last game was against Eaglehawk and they were a tough team to beat, we really learnt how to gel as a team and improve our basketball skills. We lost, but at the end Milli got 2 foul shots, she missed the first and got the second in. Thanks Mr Mac for organising the day and teaching us some valuable basketball skills. We all really enjoyed the day and I would recommend it to everyone.
From Sharna

Maths Challenge ~ Finals has began

Before the start of our Maths lesson. Students have been refining their times tables by taking part in a variety of games.

The past 7 weeks the students have been competing in a round robin series but now it’s getting to the business end.

Over the last 3 weeks of term, students are taking part in a finals series.

Who will be the ultimate times table challenge?





eSafety – Issues

Students today shared their presentations about their topic on an eSafety issue including Trolling, Social Networking, Unwanted Contact and Cyberbullying.

Click onto their blogs to see their presentation.

Here’s an example.








Author Study ~ Junko Morimoto

IMG_0868 IMG_0840 IMG_0839


This week we have continued our investigation on another author. The students have analysed and described Junko Morimoto’s books and have been discussing the similarities and differences between each one. Here is some of their findings.


Procedural Presentations ~ Great Job Everyone.

IMG_0860 IMG_0859 IMG_0857 IMG_0855 IMG_0850 IMG_0851 IMG_0852 IMG_0853 IMG_0854 IMG_0848




































There was definitely no shortage of instructions this week. Students showed us  how to cook, bake, decorate and even be able to do the impossible. (“All you need is The Rock.”)

Their creative side shown today with iMotion, PowerPoints, Minecraft, Animation and drawing.


Well done all.

Pokémon Craze

Are you one of the many who has been hooked by the Pokémon Craze sweeping over the world?

What has been your favourite Pokémon you have caught?

What do you believe are the positives and negatives about this new app?

Procedure Writing

The Grade 6 students have this week been working on their Procedure Texts.
They have been researching interesting topics including, How to Build a small Minecraft House, How to make Pancakes, How to look after a Puppy, How to draw the Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin, How to make Stickers, How to do a Handstand and even How to Jump over an Active Volcano.

They are to draft, edit and publish their work. Here they are providing each other ongoing feedback.

Students have come up with many ideas on how to publish their work including, posters, PowerPoint, videos, comic strips, stop motion, Google Slides and many more.

Stay tuned for their finished projects.









Digital Licenses, here we come

The Grade 6 students are continuing to pursue their digital licenses. They have been learning about the great things the Internet provides but also understanding what to be aware off to protect themselves online.

Here they are smashing their online quizzes. This particular quiz was Module 5 ~ Social Networking and Gaming.






Gaming is becoming a major part of many children’s lives in the 21st Century.

What is your opinion on Gaming? Are you are Gamer?

First Day ~ Term 3

The students have settled back into the school routine very smoothly. Here is a quick recap of today.

To start the term off, students furthered their Chinese knowledge with Miss Ma.

They were fortunate to have 2 sessions of Netball. The first session was with Janelle and the second with Miss Bennett in preparation for Wednesday’s Netball Tournament.

Also, the students completed a Pre-Test for the topic, Order of Operation. We will be focussing on this topic over the next couple of weeks. Another focus this term, is to improve their times table skills. To help with this, students are taking part in a Mathematics Challenge on a weekly basis. Please support their learning at home by practising the times table with them each night.

Term 3

Welcome to Term 3

Hello bloggers,

Welcome back to Term 3. I look forward to another exciting, busy term ahead. This term, we are going to start the way we finished last term. Busy! Just to give you an idea, in the first 2 weeks there will be a total of 3 tournaments that you may be apart of.

I have updated the Calendar for the term so you can place the dates in your diary. (Please be aware that these dates may change, if so, you will be the first to know).

What event/s are you looking forward to the most? (You can click multiple answers).

Girl’s Footy
Boy’s Footy
Transition Days at Weeroona
Braves Clinic

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Finding Dory ~ Behind the News

The movie Nemo, exploded around the world and was a box office hit. However, the message of the movie wasn’t received from the audience. In fact, it nearly had the opposite effect. The movie sparked a rise in the amount of clown fish being caught and sent to captivity as pets, which has had an impact on the populations of clown fish in our environment.

Finding Dory has just started showing in cinemas which has made some environmentalist a little concerned and worried that if it’s a hit, it may spark a rise in the amount of Dory’s (Blue Tangs) taken from their habitat.

Have you seen the movie or do you intend on seeing the movie in the holidays?

Please share your thoughts about what we could do to help get the message out to people to save our environment and the species that inhabit them?

Hockey Tournament

Hockey today was fantastic. The students had a wonderful time playing against Boort, Eaglehawk North, Specimen Hill, and Epsom. Well done to everyone for your efforts.

A special thank you to Samara and Tin (and the Eaglehawk Hockey Club) for helping organise the students with equipment and to Leanne for organising some hot chips. 🙂


Up the Creek

Today the Grade 6 students were joined by the 4/5 students and we went down to the Bendigo Creek. The students participated in 3 activities including; Waterbug, Water Testing and Habitat Assessment.

The students had a fantastic time and have put together their very own video clip. To view each students’ video clip, visit their own site.


IMG_0438 IMG_0445 IMG_0448 IMG_0451 IMG_0466 IMG_0472 IMG_0479 IMG_0485 IMG_0490 IMG_0493 IMG_0495



What a terrific way to end the week. It ended with a blast with our Family Feud. Everyone there thoroughly enjoyed the show. The weeks of collecting data, graphing, recording and rehearsing was all worth it. You should be all proud of what you have achieved today.

Sit back and I hope you enjoy the show. (again).


We have a video of the whole show. However, the file size is too large. I’ll talk to the experts and see if we can fix this soon.