29 thoughts on “Sunglasses at School

  1. Hello,
    I believe that we should have to wear sunglasses everyday so our eyes don’t get damaged.
    What do you think???
    From Brock

    • Hey Brock I understand what you are saying but I disagree with you because you could be bulled and you could lose them.
      From Jack

  2. Hi all,
    I reckon that sunglasses are a good idea and a bad idea. It could be a good idea because protecting your eyes is important and it be easier seeing stuff outside. But it could be bad because you might lose them or someone might take them. Or they could fall off and someone could stand on them and break them and those aren’t cheap. What do you think?
    From Brent

  3. Hi everyone,
    I’m against sunnies at school because they can brake easy. You can lose them and your parents won’t be happy. Are you against it? People can get bulled for what glasses you have.
    From Jack

  4. Hello class,
    I believe sunglasses shouldn’t be compulsory. Sunglasses cost a lot of money which some people don’t have also people could get bullied about what type of sunglasses they have. Although they are very good for your eye sight. Do you believe sunglasses should be compulsory?

  5. Hi Mr Mac,
    I think wearing sunglasses at school is a bad idea because they are expensive and can easily break if stepped on.
    What do you think?
    From Ned.

  6. Hi class,
    I feel that this is a good idea but I also think it isn’t necessary and students shouldn’t have to were sunglasses unless they want to because Sunglasses are really expensive at times and can break easily you could also get bullied because of what sunglasses you were.
    Please tell me if you agree or disagree
    Ella 🙂

    • Hello Ella

      I believe what is in your point of veiw.
      You wouldn’t want to get bullied for what sunglasses you wear?
      Schools shouldn’t make you wear sunglasses if you don’t want to .
      From shanae

  7. Hi guys,

    I don’t know about you? but I think our eyes are important and if you were wearing Sunny’s you could be picked on, and then look at the money side of it they could be to expensive and fragile.

  8. Hi Everyone,
    I don’t think sunglasses should be compulsory because they can be expensive and they can break and get lost easily.
    Do you think sunglasses should be compulsory?
    From Leticia

  9. Hello everyone.
    I believe people shouldn’t have to wear sunglasses if there scared they will break or they will lose them and get in trouble for it. What do you think? Would you want to wear Sunglasses?
    In my point of veiw I wouldn’t wear them because I might lose them or break them and it is a lot of money your parents have to pay.
    From shanae

    • I agree with you Shanae, I think sunglasses are expensive and some people don’t have enough money to buy them

    • Hi shanae
      I 100% agree with you, I would be scared to lose or even break my glasses.
      I would not want to wear glasses at school

    • I agree with you but I also disagree because even though there easy to break they should be on your eyes so how can they break when there on your eyes?

  10. Hi 5/6 Mcervale
    I think is a horrible idea to have sunglasses at school. Sunglasses are vicar a lot of money whitch some people don’t have.another reason why sunglasses should not be compulsory because you could get bullied about what sunglasses you wear. Even though it is good for your eyesight I think it is a bad idea.what other ways do you think could help your eye sight?
    From Jett

  11. Hi everyone
    I think it is a good idea and it can be a bad idea as well. because they can get lost or broken but they help your eyes as well do you think we should or shouldn’t have sunglasses at school?

  12. Hi 5/6 mac, I belive that having to where sunglasses is a good idea because it protects your eyes and stops and damage it o eyes. But it can be bad when your sunglasses fall of and get stepped on or stolen. What do you think?

    From Jarrod

  13. To Mr.Macevale

    I think that sunglasses is a good idea because the sun does do a lot of damage to your eyes. It might help people eyes from getting raked. Why do you think it is a good idea?

    From Anthony.

  14. Hi for the people who are reading this
    My opinion on wearing sun glasses at school is a good and bad thing. For example wearing them is good for your eye sight and can help your eyes for the future. But on the other side if you are wearing them you could get bullied bye kids and they can also come of if your running around. If your running around and they come off someone could step on them and then you won’t have sun glasses any more. Also they can be very expensive.

    By Luke.T

  15. Howdy 5/6 Mac
    I think that sunglasses are a great idea. However say if you are playing football or playing on the playground and your sunglasses fall off and you stepped on them. how would you feel because they cost a lot and you couldn’t get a new pair

    From AustinM

  16. Hi 5/6 Mac
    I think it a bad idea and a good idea because if you are playing outside and the sun will be in your eye’s and you have your sunglasses then you will be fine but if you are running, they can fall and you can break them.
    Form Jaidyn

  17. Hello class!!
    I think sunglasses should be used at schools to protect everybody’s eyes but sunglasses do cost a lot of money to get and replace because people might stand on them and break them. Also around your eyes might get red and sweaty from wearing them for a long time. So do you think sunglasses would be a good idea for schools?

    From Nathaniel

  18. Hello 5/6 mc
    I think it’s a good idea to have sunglasses at schools because they stop the sun getting in your eyes but they can be broken easily. and cost a lot of money. what do think about sunglasses should they be at school or not?

  19. Hi 5/6 Mac ,
    I think having sunglasses at school is a good idea but it would be pretty anoying wearing them all the time because on hot days the sunglasses would cause more sweat around your eyes and I think most people would agree that it’s pretty anoying having sweat drip into your eyes
    From Lateysha

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