20 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Hi guys
    I think that social media is good for adults. Social media can change your mood, if you are going on it before bed it can make it harder to sleep.

    From Luke.T

  2. Hi Mr Mac

    I think this video is true and everyone needs to be careful what they post or comment because anything can happen.
    I believe that people should not use it 24 7 because it can impact on your health.

    Stephanie 😉

  3. Hello,
    I believe this is mostly true. I also believe that 1 hour is a a good amount of time on social media. How long do you think people should be online for.

  4. Hey Mr Mcervale
    This BTN is mostly about students explaining the good and bad things about social media.
    The thing I disagreed with was when it said YouTube affects your sleep, in my beliefs YouTube helps me go to sleep. I think it is really important to socalise and not spend forever on technology.
    From Jett

  5. Hello 5/6 Mac
    I think people should take the advice the kids said.
    Did you take advice from this video?
    From shanae

  6. I felt this would help a bunch of people. Especially people who are addicted to the internet I believe people should linsten to them because I might not help them now but it will when there older when they try and get a job and things related to that.

  7. Hi Mr Mac,
    I think social media is good if you use to talk with friends and make you happy. Social media should not be used for bullying or making people upset. I think this video was good for showing us that.
    From Leticia 🙂

  8. Hi all,
    I believe that the video was completely true. Some people do put negative stuff on and some get bullied. Also some people spend to much time on them. I only have a few of these.
    From Brent

  9. Hi Mr. Mac
    I think that it is a good Idea and also not a good thing. Because you can make friends around the world. And it’s also bad because you can get bulled on social media and you might send something you might regret. So be smart if what you send.

    From Anthony.

  10. Hi,
    Social media is a great place to interact with each other. The good thing for People to interact , play games, make new friends and look for celebrity’s. The bad bit about social media is that you get bulled and what you post you can’t take it off.
    From Jack

  11. I don’t go on social media because of the past few people who go on it have been cyber bullied From other people. And people are talking to bad people.
    From Jaidyn

  12. Hello
    I don’t do social media because some people do bad things so that’s we I don’t do social media. And you get bullied.
    From Jake

  13. Hi guys!

    I do think that social media can be good or bad and when it is bad it could even go to police and you might regret it.

    From Xav.

  14. Hi
    I think people need to spend more time off the internet and spend more time out side enjoying their social life. I also shouldn’t watch much YouTube beacause it can damage your eyes. I agree with the video.
    From Jett

  15. Hi Mr.Mac and class
    I think it’s good that FaceBook, Twitter, Snap Chat, YouTuble and other social media allowed you to met new people and make new friends from other places that you didn’t know of before and that social media is telling people not to Cuber bull on social media.

    From Isaiah Win

  16. Hi
    I think that people sould be truthful and sould not be on it so long and bad comments sould be band. You can make friends and get intertind to.

  17. In my opinion social media is good for expressing your creativity and sharing it with the world but it does have its down sides for example it could lead to cyber bullying and hurt feelings this video shows how social media afects other people’s lives and gives great advice to people who are on social media a lot

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