A Pictures is worth a Thousand Words

Students have been learning about the different types of descriptors that author’s use in their writing.

Using the picture, I want you to write a paragraph using descriptors to “paint a picture” for your audience.

It could be the start of a story.

It could be a moment in the story.

It could be the beginning of an epic battle or moment in the story.

It could be the finale of your story.

Be creative, be imaginative, be descriptive.

5 thoughts on “A Pictures is worth a Thousand Words

  1. On a dark windy night I walked into the woods and I saw a big haunted castle. I walked into the castle and here’d a whisper, so I looked back and saw a tree with a face on it that said.” You should not be here young man”. So I said I was here for a little walk and ended up here. Then the tree said.” Oh then I will just have to take you”. No I don’t want to be taken into the haunted house.

    From Luke.T

  2. I feel like this could be an evil person looking over there little evil world through a looking glass because you can see a reflection of somebody in the image making things come to life like the trees.
    Ella 🙁

  3. BOOM, CRASH, BANG the bright green flash of light hit the house that has no life with in.
    As the trees blow in the haunted night with crows crying with no light.
    And trees with big dark eyes and sad faces.
    With the eyes with in the night.

    Stephanie 😉

  4. On a dark lonely night xav and Luke went exploring an abounded castle. What they didn’t know was that it was haunted. Hello! Yelled Luke. Is there anyone in here. Yes! Said a loud deep voice. Get out of my castle. Yelled the beast. Xav and Luke ran to the door and the door slammed shut in front of them……

  5. Hi all,
    Bang! The door shut behind me as I walk in. Normally I’m not afraid of anything except, but this is creepy. As I make my way through the empty house, my bones shiver and lightning cracks. I hear a wail and see a hunched figure crawl along the dusty floor. I hear a click and see a figure stand up. The click I realise was the door locking. The figure scuttles towards me. I’m so scared that I freeze. This is the end, or is it.
    From Brent

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