“A Picture is worth a Thousand words.”

Students have been learning about the different types of descriptors that author’s use in their writing.

Using the picture, I want you to write a paragraph using descriptors to “paint a picture” for your audience.

It could be the start of a story.

It could be a moment in the story.

It could be the beginning of an epic battle or moment in the story.

It could be the finale of your story.

Be creative, be imaginative, be descriptive.

13 thoughts on ““A Picture is worth a Thousand words.”

  1. When Jack the giant slayer woke up, he got a terrible call. A giant was going to kill and terrorise the city for ever. So he had to go straight to the palace and slay the ugly giant.

  2. One sunny day a mossy grey monster came out of the beautiful green grass and said. “Oh I’m really tired from digging through this grass that I didn’t wreck”. Then the mossy grey monsters friend came through to try and save him from the park ranger who didn’t like big holes in the ground.

    By Luke.T

  3. One night the stone warriors decided to dig through the hot molten rock from the centre of the earth and took a peak of the surface little did they know that it was winter and they could not handle the cold and they were frozen solid.

  4. On a warm, sunny day a huge giant burst from the ground and started terrorising people.
    ‘I WILL RULE THE WORLD’ said the ugly giant as he climbed from the grass. The nice sound of birds singing suddenly turned to people screaming.

    • “sound of birds singing suddenly turned to people screaming.”

      I love that line Leticia, it gives me a good contrast of the before and after the giant appeared.

  5. A terrified giant that just escaped from prison was all over the news scaring the people living within the Palace walls his heart as cold as stone as he is indestructible.
    By Steph and Ella 😉

  6. The ground shook and rumbled, people fell over and buildings crumbled as the Giants pushed there way through the surface of the earth. People ran, drove and rode away but the giants followed them crushing everything in there path. Could this be the end?

  7. A big ugly giant came out of the ground and ate up the queen in one shot. Then he runs towards the kingdom ” SHUT THE GATES” The president yelled “and also king,” called for Jack the giant killer. The giant came closer. Then jack rips open th ugly giants guts and the queen pops out and the giant dies.

  8. live: It was an epic battle between humans and monsters. The humans were victorious and as the monsters punishment they were banished to the underground for ever. To be conutined….

  9. A big fat ugly giant came out of the ground and the giant looked like he just woke up and he looked like he was hungry and the giant saw the queen he’s eyes pop up and he walked to the window and said how wake me up he said and the giant put he’s hands and grabs the queen and eats the queen
    The end

  10. it was a cold winter day, suddenly out nowhere the ground started to shake I thought It was a magnitude 9.0 earthquake CRASH, CRASH, BOOM the ground started to rise and out came a giant …..
    to be continued

    • Jarrod, this is great that you are using your knowledge of earthquakes from your research and placing it into your story.

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