Crazy Hair Day

I walked into my class thinking it was a dream. There were many creative, imaginative and innovative hair styles getting around. Great job everyone, and it was for a great cause too.





11 thoughts on “Crazy Hair Day

    • Hi Jett,
      Your hair was really narly. I liked everyone’s hair style. All so different and unique.

      Mr Mac

  1. Hi Mr Mac,
    Crazy hair day was awesome. I liked seeing people with there crazy inventive hair.
    What did you Iike about crazy hair day?

  2. Hi Mr Mac,
    Did you like my hair? I liked being a girl for a day. I hope crazy hair day continues
    in the years to come. We raised heaps and heaps of money.
    From Jett P

    • Hi Jett,

      I thought your hair was very creative, I loved seeing all the different styles and creations.

      Mr Mac

  3. Hi Mr McErvale and class.

    I saw the crazy hair pictures. I think the craziest is Luke.
    But everyone else did a good job. Who do you think did the best?
    From Anthony.

  4. Hi Mr Mac
    I saw a lot of crazy hair like Jett R, it was amazing because it was a Mohawk.
    From Jaidyn

  5. Hi 5/6 Mac,
    I love the Funky hair day it was the best. Everyone’s hair was so cool and awesome, all the shapes and sizes. I especially loved Sarah’s, she was so lucky to win the teacher’s award.
    From Jack C

  6. Hi Mr Mac and class,

    I saw the photos they were all really pretty funny especially Jett P and Jett R. It look like so much fun.

  7. Hi class,
    I really liked seeing every one’s crazy hair I thought most people had very creative hair.

    From Xav

    Ps was that a multi horned unicorn next to me?

  8. Hi Mr Mac,

    I really liked crazy hair day it was heaps of fun.

    Well done to Leticia and Jet for the crazy hair day award in our class.

    Well done to Sarah for the teachers award of being a unicorn

    Stephanie 🙂

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