Circus Skills

Phil once again popped his head into Huntly PS on Wednesday and he continued to show us how to perform circus tricks. The Grade 5/6’s have been practicing most days and are showing great progress with their skills. They are even teaching their buddies. Also, Mr Templeton was able to show off his classy skills and offer the students some advice.








6 thoughts on “Circus Skills

  1. To Mr Mac
    Doing the circus skills with our buddies is fun, but even though my buddie can spin a plate before me it’s still fun having ago at other things. What do you like most?
    From Shanae

    • Hi Shanae,
      I understand what you mean. I can’t seem to master the spinning plate however I am watching others easily do it. I think I need to practice more.

      Mr Mac

  2. What we were doing there is a practise for our school production. If you don’t know what we are doing for it we are doing circus skills.

    Luke. T

  3. Hi Mr Mac,
    Doing the circus skills with our buddies was fun. Even though the buddies are hard to teach I still liked watching them try. What was your favourite part?
    From Leticia

    • Hi Leticia,
      It is one of my favourite parts of the week. Having the time to help your buddy is very rewarding and you get a lot of smiles too.

      Mr Mac

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